Intentionally Crafted

Our baristas are dedicated to discovering exactly what you love.
Because we don’t want to just make a fantastic cup of coffee,
we want to hand-craft an experience to go with your day.


Cozy up with our cappuccino, relax with our latte, or take a break with something from our tea selection.


Cool off with our iced Americano, get refreshed with our signature Rose Lemonade, or indulge in one of our iced chocolate creations.

Slow Bar

For when you need to put life on pause, pull up a chair, and let our baristas craft a coffee experience just for you. 

Our Story

Egeiro Coffee exists to provide sanctuary. Our desire is for every experience to be a moment of peace regardless of what the week is throwing at you, even if it’s only Monday (okay, especially if it’s Monday). Read on about where our heart for respite came from and why on earth we decided to open a coffee shop during a pandemic.

Locally Roasted. Absolutely Fresh.

Our baristas have hand selected a variety of fresh beans we think you’ll love. When we shop for coffee, we look for a roastery with an attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Roast date, cupping notes, region, and process are considered alongside fair trade logistics to ensure that the experience is great for everyone.

Brewed with excellence

Every cup. Every time. Because if a great experience is to be shared, it has to be repeated. This is why we take time to practice our brewing methods, compare notes with other baristas, and taste test everything (what did you think we did in our free time?). We also think about water temperature, salinity, pH, grind size, sugar content, brew time, and…actually, you can just leave those things to us 🙂